Thursday, February 9, 2017

Who to Follow: Ashley Hromyak (@ashley_hromyak)

Ashley Hromyak (@ashley_hromyak) • Instagram photos and videos

Fiona Falkiner reveals her bulging biceps on Instagram | Daily Mail Online

Fiona Falkiner reveals her bulging biceps on Instagram | Daily Mail OnlineDo you even lift? Fiona Falkiner is proving she has a strong mind as well as strong body, lifting 80kgs weights at the gym on Tuesday

Chloe Madeley SLAMS critics for branding her 'manly' | Daily Mail Online

Chloe Madeley SLAMS critics for branding her 'manly' | Daily Mail Online

Anything but manly!  If you see this click the link and leave a positive comment on the Daily Mail site.\


Fight body shaping.Hitting back: Chloe also unapologetically shared another flawless snap of her toned figure on Sunday as she blasted her critics for labelling her gym-honed figure as 'manly'

How Bodybuilding Has Changed Me As A Woman

Great article from Stephanie Pio about how bodybuilding has changed her confidence and outlook on life.

Click for article in the Huffington Post. 

Out of the box: Megan Prescott on Skins, bodybuilding and busting gender roles

Megan Prescott is an actress best known for playing Katie Finch in the BAFTA-winning teen drama ‘Skins’. She works as a writer at Balloon Entertainment and began training as a bodybuilder in 2015, competing in The UKBFF British Finals in October 2016.

Who to Follow: Micaela Viscido

Micaela Viscido's body defies logic from every angle.  The amount of work she's put in to develop the quality muscle she has at her age is outstanding.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Who to Follow: Vicky Moutopoulous

Follow her and maybe she'll give some tips how to get those biceps. Crazy

Who to Follow: Justyna Garbett

Who to Follow: Becca Day

Another amazing crossfitter Becca Day

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Who to Follow: Brooke Wells

She's a legend and has more followers than most pro athletes and she's only 21.  She's Brooke Wells

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Who to Follow: Jessica Coughlan

Crossfit super athlete Jessica Coughlan is insanely fit and looks like a model.  No wonder this sport keeps getting more popular.

Who to Follow: Shannon Seeley

Shannon Seeley is a force and seems to be one of the strongest women at the physique level as well as just about perfect offseason. Give her a follow. She's a Supplement Warehouse Athlete.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Woman given just hours to live after her intestines burst poisoning her body with FAECES

Seems like many female bodybuilder's stories tend be amazing success story.  Petra Nolan. almost died.  Recovered and made a version 2.0 that seems unstoppable.

Check out the story in the Mirror, then giver her some love in the comments and share.Nine years on, Petra has fulfilled her dream of becoming a competitive bodybuilder

Follow Her: Ashlee Potts

Whilst I'm more a purist and enjoyed bodybuilding over physique in the beginning there is no doubt it's helped grow the sport.  Every day there are more and more women who would probably beat many of the bodybuilders of the 80s and 90s.  Ashlee is a rising star and she's a figure competitor. Like many across the pond she's a little obsessed with guns that kill but fortunately for humanity she's got looks to kill as well.  Give her a follow.

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