Thursday, September 29, 2016

Worth a Follow- Valentina Mishina

Хэй хэй!) Мы вернулись ! 28.09.2016 Аккуратно вхожу в свой старый сплит, сегодня #backday и чуть бицепс 💪🏿 После недели джанка и всяких вкусностей наполнило меня нереально 🐷 1) тяга вертикальная обратным хватом 41х20; 55х15; 61х12/10/10 2) подтягивания в гравитроне 43х15;36х12х3 3) тяга т - грифа ( вес блинов лишь указываю ) 20х15; 30х15; 40х12х2 4) тяга гориз с упором по одной руке 36кгх15; 43х13/12/12 5) тяга вертикальная узко 48х15/15/13/13 + пуловер с гантелью 40фунтовх15/15/13/13 6) разведение гантелей на заднюю дельту в наклоне 6кг 4х15 7) сгибания кривого грифа 22,5х15; 27,5х12х2 8) попеременное сгибания гантелей с поворотом кисти по 25фунтов 3х24 Кардио час 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 #bodybuilding #womensphysique #physique #валентинамишина #fitness #gym
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Charlene Harvey - WPD -

Megan Prescott now works as a competitive body builder and went on the show to top up her tan

VIEWERS of Body Fixers were given a blast from the past on tonight’s episode when a former cast member of Skins showed up on the beauticians sofa.
Megan Prescott, 25, first came onto our screens alongside twin sister Kathryn as Emily and Katie Fitch on smash-hit show Skins series three and four.
But on today’s show she gave fans at home a shock when she revealed she had traded in her acting carer and was on the show to get a mahogony tan ahead of her latest competition as a BODY BUILDER.
Megan is now a competitive bodybuilder

Latest Headlines U.S. Showbiz U.K. Showbiz Headlines Arts Pictures Showbiz Boards Blogs Video TV Listings Login Feedback DailyMail Tuesday, Sep 27th 2016 8PM 46°F 11PM 45°F 5-Day Forecast +99NEW ARTICLESTop Share Buff machine! Reality TV star Zilda Williams flexes her muscular biceps while working out in tight singlet and mini shorts

Buff machine: Reality TV star Zilda Williams showed off her growing biceps on Wednesday as she worked out along the beachside in Bondi, Sydney's eastShe regularly promotes her healthy living lifestyle on social media.
And on Wednesday, reality TV star Zilda Williams showed off her growing biceps as she worked out along the beachside in Bondi, Sydney's east.
While dressed in figure-hugging exercise attire, the 33-year-old flexed her muscular arms as she posed for photos with her group of athletic friends.

Monday, September 26, 2016

yaxeni Guest Poser 2010

Even better Guest Posing.

Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia 2011 Guest Pose

Does anyone else prefer Guest posing bodies?

Bodybuilder to Follow - Maz Burn

She's a unique voice. Not compromising her goals or talents.  Worth a follow for sure.

Self Magazine Story : Christmas Abbott Saved Herself With Fitness

Read More

Melanie C celebrates her 90s Sporty Spice style in 'LOVE Magazine' shoot

She was always my favorite spice Girl.
Melanie C Love Magazine

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bodybuilder to Follow - Miranda Rhynard

Great progress. Amazing dedication. Check out Miranda
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Sarah Williams

Lots of terrific bodybuilders from Great Britain. Sarah Williams is a new favorite. She has great size, shape and femininity and she just won the Nabba GB in July. Zfezo8cg

H&M New Autumn Collection 2016

What's it mean to be a woman?

Amy Allen wins five trophies at International Natural Bodybuilding Association NT championship

Everyone who sees this please leave a positive comment.  The first two were rude.

A MOTHER of three sculpted her body to take home a swag of awards at the International Natural Bodybuilding Association NT championships.

Amy Allen, 26, took home five trophies at the competition yesterday after she began training for the competition when her youngest, now 14 months, was just four months old.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Utah mom named 'World’s Strongest Woman' in international weightlifting competition

Awesome! Did not expect that first sentence to turn out happy.

SALT LAKE CITY — In 2014, Leslie Hofheins put a loaded gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. Two years later, she would take the podium in Florida and earn the title of “World’s Strongest Woman.”
Hofheins, a Salt Lake City resident, BYU alumna and single mother of two, was named the “world’s strongest woman” on Aug. 28 in the Strongman Corporation’s Strongest Woman in the World competition in the lightweight division.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Grandmother looks INCREDIBLE after turning to bodybuilding to cure serious illness

top pic3

A GRAN who took up bodybuilding after suffering from a painful digestive disorder has now become a medal winner.  READ MORE ABOUT Marinez Burnett

Underwear workout sparked posing ban at CityFitness gyms

A blanket ban on posing at a national gym chain was sparked by a bodybuilder working out in their underwear.
Bodybuilders said they felt their human rights had been "completely violated" after CityFitness introduced the ban.
The gym said anyone posing at the gyms would be asked to stop or face further consequences. It came after the company considered a national ban on selfies in May, and a blanket ban on grunting in 2014.  READ MORESarah Ward says this is an example of the poses CityFitness believe are intimidating for other gym-goers and have ...

What's your workout?

Share your stories, photos and videos.

JILL RUDISON - Acting Reel

Who knew she was so prolific. She looks pretty great, even when the filmmaker isn't great.

Awesome Biceps - Jen Louwagie, IFBB Physique Pro, Intervew - 2016 Olympi...

Rach White and her journey towards the WBFF World Championships

Those delts looks great and the soft piano music is key.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Michelle Heaton is on our Radar now.

Wow: She's known for her love of healthy eating and intense workouts and the fruits of Michelle's labour were all too clear to see when she appeared on Loose Women on Tuesday 

We didn't know who Michelle Heaton is, but these pictures and video below show she's the rare celebrity who doesn't fear the bicep.

Check out some more pics on the Daily Mail's site.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016