Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gillian Mounsey - The Future of Female Bodybuilding?

Gillian Mounsey
There's been a giant chasm between the worlds of bodybuilding and the word of Crossfit. Gym rats say that crossfit is not safe.  That olympic/powerlifting movements should be done with some semblance of safety over speed and there are some horrific stories out there about unsafe Crossfit "boxes".  

On the other side of the fence, Crossfit is marketed in direct opposition of Bodybuilding - a too self-centered a culture.  Note that crossfit doesn't put mirrors on their walls (although they take a picture of every rep and post and share them). 

It's all non-sense.  The future of female bodybuilding could gain greatly with some cross over.  Case in point, Crossfit pioneer Gillian Mounsey.   She's in training for physique or bodybuilding and she has a highly marketable body for sport. More importantly her look could get other women into the sport.   There's no reason there shouldn't be carry over.  Everyone trains hard.  They're all highly disciplined.    Stop marketing female bodybuilding with men's bodybuilding.
 Check out some of the recent Crossfit championships which are air on ESPN, much like female bodybuilding was fifteen-twenty years ago.  The women in these recent games have muscle equal to the female bodybuilders.  Gillian Mounsey, Annie Thorisdottir and Christmas Abbott   are marketable no matter what the sport, because they have a natural look.  They prove the level of muscle women can have and get on TV and more importantly be sponsored. 

I can't reiterate the importance enough of buying the product of the sponsored athletes.  The lifestyle either bodybuilding or elite crossfitter is hard as hell and the temptation to retire or take it easy is always there.   The sponsorship is the extra motivation.  It helps pay the bills for more gym time. 

The current crop of MS O competitors don't have a ton of sponsorships.  The lower level competitors have more because they haven't taken their bodies to a wholly unmarketable level.   Alina Popa is probably the only one who does but she doesn't have much in way of sponsorship.  Perhaps because of her video work.

Back to Gillian,  she may only dip her toes in the sport, but it's important to recognize that the crossfit/bodybuilding crossover should be an easy one and hopefully a popular one to ensure the future of each sport.

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