Friday, September 6, 2013


Follow Sherri Gray mother of two and sponsored athlete as she tries to overcome second place...Spoiler Alert. She does.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

5 Step Plan to Save Women's Bodybuilding

Here are our five steps to help save the sport. The main point if female bodybuilders can't inspire others to take up the sport it will wither, that said. Every bodybuilder needs to recruit more bodybuilders.

 1) Test Testosterone Levels - Forget testing for specific drugs, that's much too expensive. Test testosterone levels. Judging by the winners some of the pro competitions (2013 Tampa pro show for example), weeding out some of the less feminine can only enhance the sport's image. Thee middle of the pack on had some great examples of women who could inspire new blood into the sport. Instead, they're just harsh and wonder if they should be in the sport at all.

 2) Separate Governing Body than men - NPC and IFBB has done a great job growing the men's side of the sport, but the sport has to be run differently for women. A freakshow somehow has a different ring to men than women.

 ) Kickstarter - Lets see what support is out there. It is a sport of obviously dedicated and motivated women. Can the funds be raised creatively to get the sport running in the right direction. There are ways to do this that don't rely so much on the NPC and IFBB

 4) Charity Tie-ins - 5ks became 10Ks became spartan and mud runs. Female bodybuilding events can get no better PR than having women, lifting and dieting for a cure. It's already a sport of women who have beaten the odds and transformed themselves into better people. Keep that going with more events that get women involved on and off the stage..

 5) Sexy Yes, Sex no - Another hit to its image are the sleezy ways women are earning money in the industry. If a competitor is doing webcam, sessions or things of that nature they can not compete in any new Federation. Not to say they can't do it, because obviously they'll be a market but those representing the sport should not.

 What are your thoughts? Can it be saved? Are we off base. Would this work in America. Is the future in Europe and South America? Steal or share on facebook. Just need to get a dialogue going forward.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love this shot of Claudia Perfonter

Muscle Mom - Shannon Courtney

Amazingly dedicated Bodybuilder   She recently had to go the emergency room for working out too hard.  She doesn't waste time in the gym.

And she's a pretty new mom.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dem Arms ons Alicia Alfaro-Mesa

Mobile Uploads

Frida Palmell

Frida just posted a large cache of butt shots.

to all of you who are provoked by the pictures of my butt, i am sooo sorry..,this is for you | frida


Katka Kyptová- Trénink nohou

Chris Z Photographer - Worth a Look

Chris Z Photographer

Monday, February 25, 2013

Leeds bodybuilder competes in biggest competition in world | Calendar - ITV News

Leeds bodybuilder competes in biggest competition in world | Calendar - ITV News

Instagram photo by @shacourtneyx (Shannon Courtney) | Statigram

The best thing is that Shannon is inspiring lots of her followers to train harder.  This is what will keep the sport alive, not creepy webcams and session work.

Instagram photo by @shacourtneyx (Shannon Courtney) | Statigram

Watch a female bodybuilder get physical in Aleister X’s “West Coast Tees” video

Instagram photo by @carolinewigert (Caroline Wigert) | Statigram

Instagram photo by @carolinewigert (Caroline Wigert) | Statigram

IFBB pro Missy Farrell @ifbbmissyfarrell

Not sure about that t-shirt but guess she can wear anything and I'd be happy!

Instagram photo by @musclerriffic (Musclerriffic) | Statigram

Jessie Hilgenberg has traveled from the future

Friday, February 22, 2013

VIDEO: Champion bodybuilder pursues her dream | Illawarra Mercury

Hot mom.  Good luck to you interesting women with an interesting name, Asher Prior.  
VIDEO: Champion bodybuilder pursues her dream | Illawarra Mercury
 Primary school teacher, personal trainer and mother Asher Prior. Picture: SYLVIA LIBER

PBS project features bodybuilder Rachel McLish - Valley Morning Star : Local News

We'll keep an eye on this.  Rachel was a true pioneer!
PBS project features bodybuilder McLish - Valley Morning Star : Local News

Paramount Team Challenge - WOD #3 Crossfit

Three women crossfitting stuff

Female bodybuilder Kim Chizevsky.

This is the greatest video on ESPN.  Kim posing on ESPN with voice over provided by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It is spectacular.

Montel Williams Classic Episode

I remember this episdode.  This was the Golden Age of Daytime Talk.  Treating women like they should and not like freaks.  Although at least one of them became a freak.  With
Female Bodybuilders Annie Rivieccio, Hannie Van Aken, Dawn Whitham, Thea Bennington, Vicki Scaffe & Robin Parker.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Laura Phelps-Sweatt - 110 lb. incline dumbbell press

Sunday Morning Leg Blast

Watching her weight to stay on top - Lilian Tan | The Star Online

Watching her weight to stay on top - Nation | The Star Online

 <b>Woman of strength:</b> Tan wearing the gold medal around her neck while striking a pose.

Transformation of the Day (century really) Kashma Maharaj

Looks like a photoshop to me. 

--> 370052811.jpg (JPEG Image, 825 × 603 pixels)

Amanda Lau absolutely killing it and soon will be leaning out soon.

I'm sure she can't wait to see what she built.

photo by @giantkiller87 (Amanda Lau) | Statigram

Danielle MacPherson prepping big time. Shoulders looking boulderish

Instagram photo by @__daniellemac (Danielle MacPherson) | Statigram

Monday, February 18, 2013

Georgina McConnell....

...knows what she's doing.  Pics from her fanpage

Think she has a bright future in the sport.  She's 19!  Keep in classy Georgina and talk the sport like an athlete.

Arnolds Amateur List

Women's Bodybuilding  Lots of names I don't know with many countries covered...Excellent.

Lightweght (10)
Laura Raquel Saccomani De Bordon (Paraguay)
Veronica Martinez Castillon (Mexico)
Elena Kavva (Greece)

Rosanne Harte (United Kingdom)
Rowena Marcaida (Singapore)
Branka Njegovec (Croatia)
Denise Nuckols (Fayetteville, N.C.)
Nidia Hermosilla Ocampos (Paraguay)
Jessica Pagsisihan (Edmonton, Canada)
Ana Paula da Silva (Brazil)
Heavyweight (8)
Maureen Donlevy Clary (Fort Mill, S.C.)
Shannon Doyle (Killeen, Texas)
Heidi Hegg (Anchorage, Alaska)
Joan Liew (Singapore)
Jill Lundy (Goodyear, Ariz.)
Kashma Siana Maharaj (U.S. Virgin Islands)
Nina Midling (Norway)
Matta Silvia (Italy)

Women's Physique

Short Class (18)
Noemia Francisca de Abreu (Brazil)
Nicole Bly (DuBois, Penn.)
Erin Duggan (Avon, Conn.)
Kristina Dybdahi (Denmark)
Maria Vincenza Gioia (San Marino)
Teasha Hardy (Gahanna, Ohio)
Teresa Heron (Canada)
Lori McGraw (Mokena, Ill.)
Tiffany Mosely (Louisville, Ky.)
Isabela Oliveira (Brazil)
Maria Rita Penteado (Glen Head, N.Y.)
Laura Pfeiffer (Columbus, Ohio)
Rita Piko (Clifton, N.Y.)
Lada Plihalova (Czech Republic)
Floor Van Putten (Netherlands)
Evy Anita Rustad (Norway)
Danielle Alves Balbino da Silva (Brazil)
Anne-Marie Swisher (Roanoke, Va.)
Tall Class (12)
Alma Agic (Atlanta, Ga.)
Daniele da Cunha (Brazil)
Karen Dallas (Deerwood. Minn.)
Zsuzsanna Kellner (Hungary)
Maggie Kuhn (Hilliard, Ohio)
Jessica Link (Murfreesboro, Tenn.)
Charlene Maldonado (New Albany, Ohio)
Mande Martinez (Chatsworth, N.J.)
Bianca Antunes Nobrega (Brazil)
Mica Schneider (Westerville, Ohio)
Ida Sefland (Denmark)
Alicia Terrell (Coconut Creek, Fla.)
Class Unknown (2)
Adrey Lopunshanskiy (Azerbaijan)
Elena Shvetsova (Azerbaijan)