Saturday, August 18, 2012

Strikeforce Results: Ronda Rousey Wins by Armbar, Challenges Cris Cyborg - MMA Fighting

Strikeforce Results: Ronda Rousey Wins by Armbar, Challenges Cris Cyborg - MMA Fighting

Georgina McConnell off-season bicep training

You got some work to do to keep up with this teenager. Freaking awesome.

A glimpse beyond the biceps: Meet the bodybuilders in the national championships - Dawn Allson profiled.

Victor Conte has been in the news alot this week but it really should be Veronica.

Madonna Celebrates Her 54th Birthday Today; We Celebrate Her Buff Arms

, Aug 16 - 1:43 pm ET

The always-controversial Madonna
turns 54 today (Happy Birthday!), so in true Blisstree style, we are
celebrating her fitness–specifically, those awesome, buff arms. Over the
years, Madonna’s muscular arms have sparked tons of debate. Some have
described them as scary, unhealthy, grotesque and even unfeminine with
“protruding biceps....READ MORE

First bodybuilding, now Jodie Marsh is to host female wrestling event Read more:

Jodie Marsh

Are the Placings off this year for Bodybuilders Sheila Bleck and Hide Yamagishi?

Karolina Holubcova - Getting ready for Arnold Classic Europe 2012

If a woman's name in 'ova' there is a very good shot she's hot.  Karolina Holubcova is about as hot as the name will allow.  One of the best glutes on youtube

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Congrats to Sherri Gray, mother of two, who is a pro after Winning the 35+ Title.

Lots of Transformations - Here's one. Never here anyone regretting building their muscles do you.

Anne Grethe should be the textbook model for Bodybuilding.


Nichole Zezima The new face in NPC Physique competitor getting ready for...

Georgina is the worlds best teenager in the gym.

Georgina is maybe the best Teenage Bodybuilder.

Princess Steel refreshes our Lifting Library.

I'd Travel across the Pond for my twenty minute haircut.

Bradford hairdresser competes for Miss Universe title

A Bradford hairdresser who became a successful bodybuilder after
taking up the hobby for a bet is battling for the title of Miss

Sally Knights, 35, who rents a space at Beauty Works in Halifax Road, Wibsey , began a strict training regime two years ago after her bodybuilder former
boyfriend bet her she would not have the courage to change her lifestyle and become a bodybuilding champion.

Read More