Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doriana Young

Doriana Young's Back Workout

Doriana's back has beautiful shape.

Pull my pony tail, I triple dog dare you on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Pull my pony tail, I triple dog dare you on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Check out this picture of Geraldine Morgan on Flickr...Worth the Click.

RX Muscle: Restricted Access. . . All Natural KO!

Check out RX muscle for some amazing shots and an awesome article about Kourtney Olsen that even touches on Porn.

Restricted Access. . . All Natural KO!

KO is hot. Don't you agree. Is she the hottest?

Bodybuilding.com - Goodbye Figure; Hello NPC Fitness! - My session with Dylan Armbrust & Monday Night at the Gym

Bodybuilding.com - Goodbye Figure; Hello NPC Fitness! - My session with Dylan Armbrust & Monday Night at the Gym

Desire to improve appearance prompted dedication to fitness


Top Photo

Glowing under coats of heavy bronzing lotions, Dani Craig flexed her biceps and posed in a flashy bikini as the judges facing her scribbled down notes and numbers.

The 41-year-old bodybuilder, who lives in Eagle Point, was hungry for a strong showing at the 2009 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships in Hollywood, Fla., on Nov. 21. After finishing in 15th place out of 22 women at the prestigious event, Craig was also just flat-out hungry. The single mother capped off 16 weeks of extreme dieting and training with a little indulgence at an Italian restaurant.

"I had lamb and then a Haagen-Dazs triple-scoop waffle cone after we finished," says Craig, a 1986 Phoenix High graduate. "I was so ready for that ice cream."

Competing in the light heavyweight open division (for women who weigh 125.5 pounds to 140 pounds), Craig outscored seven others using a fine-tuned reggae routine. Nicole Berg, a Washington resident, secured first place at Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, the national venue.

"It was pretty intense," Craig says of her first national show. "When you have so many women in one weight class, you are up on stage for a long time. It's grueling I guess."

After treating herself that night, Craig's next priority was washing off the hot layers of competitive tanning products that she'd put on earlier.

"I had to have four coats," Craig says. "I work in a tanning salon, but it is totally a different look. It defines your muscle, but feels sort of sticky ... as soon as you are done, you jump in the shower."

Monday, January 11, 2010

Roseanne Desmarais Trains Lats and Calves at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym


Crossfitter: Candace Hamilton

Crossfit is the latest workout fad, maybe not the latest, but it appears they love taking pictures of each other and posting them daily. Normally, that doesn't work but I'd make an exception for Ms. Hamilton.

She really is an amazing ambassador of the sport and has some incredible arms

Have any of you out there tried crossfit?

Here's her profile from crossfit.com


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bodybuilder qualifies for Miss Olympia

I love when the press talks about a beautiful natural bodybuilder. Great promotion for the Sport.


Bodybuilder qualifies for Miss Olympia
By John Gavin
Published: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 5:25 PM CST
Special to The Trail

YUMA, Ariz. — In her second bodybuilding event, Nicole Simien of Twentynine Palms struck gold again, winning the “tall” class in the National Federation of Natural Bodybuilding held Saturday, Nov. 21 here.

The competion is open only to bodybuilders who have not used performance-enhancing drugs for at least three years.

Her win qualifies Simien to compete in the Miss Olympia competion to be held in Los Angeles in August 2010 and in Miss Universe, also in Los Angeles, in November 2010.

“This is a testimony to her commitment,” Simien’s trainer, Shane Friederich, said.

“She went the extra minute of cardio, did the extra set of weights and was rewarded with a win.”

In the four months before the competition, she arrived at the Five Star Gym in Yucca Valley at 5 a.m. and worked out for two hours. After each workout, she drove back to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, where she works as a dental hygenist.

“The final two days prior to the events, she restricted her water intake to almost nothing and ate dried fruits. Competitive bodybuilders do this to shrink their skin and enhance their cuts for the show,” Frederich said. “It’s not easy, but Nicole adhered to the regime.”

Frederich reported his trainee was happy to win, but she was looking forward to eating regularly again.

Simien will take a couple weeks off to give her joints and muscles time to repair. Training will begin again in January as she ramps up for the Miss Olympia and Universe events.

In a previous interview, Simien said, “It takes a lot of self-discipline to compete and keep to a training schedule. You have to push your body to limits it’s never reached before. I’ve learned that it takes an inner strength to gain the outer strength that shows through in competition.”