Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lisa Auckland Guest Posing

Another video from Mike showing one of the best pose.

Lisa Auckland Guest Posing at the 2007 Maryland Grand Prix from mike pulcinella on Vimeo.

Carla shows how to correctly Pose.

Cool video from the early 90s. Carla was a frequently on ESPN back in the day.

Carla Dunlap interviews Vicki Nixon for ESPN - 1992 from mike pulcinella on Vimeo.

Lucy Wilson training her abs & shouldrs

Lucy Wilson Trains Arms

She trains as she moves closer to her show.

Jen Cowan Deadlifting in Charleston, SC

Check out Jen doing some deadlifts for RX Muscle.

Juliana Malacarne trains Glutes and Hamstrings

RX muscle does a great job with actually explaining what is going on the Voice Over.

She focuses just on the hamstrings and glutes with this.

Click here.

Lisa Carrodus trains legs

Lisa hits her legs hard and creatively in this clip.

Watch lisa carrodus_legs in Sports  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Elena Kavva training in gym

Going heavy is the name of the game and Elena follows that mantra here working back.

Click here.

Legend Lenda Murray works Biceps

I had no idea ESPN had great informative shows like this.

Nicole Ball kills her Quads for RX Muscle

Great two part series with Nicole Ball training Quads.

Part 1

Part 2