Saturday, April 19, 2008

Myriad of muscles

Senior pre-medical and exercise science major Brian Watters said although he won the title of Mr. Ball State, he still feels self-conscious about his body and has normal fears.

"I don't like snakes and I don't like spiders," he said.

Watters began to cover his body during the end of the competition, and he didn't work at Irving Gym because he didn't want his competition see him, he said. So, he worked out at the YMCA, he said.

The Mr. and Ms. Ball State competition had repeat winners, with Watters winning the crown for a second year in a row and senior exercise major Erica Gilkerson winning it for the fourth time.

Watters said winning the title of Mr. Ball State for the second time was a great feeling, and it left him speechless.

"I almost lost it at the end," he said.

Watters began lifting weights after graduating from high school, he said. He was athletic since childhood, he said, but a friend on his high school's track team told him to lift because he had a large chest.

Watters prepared for the competition since last year's, working out an hour a day, five to six days a week, he said. Each day, he would train a different body part, he said.

He said his diet consisted of lean cuts of meat and brown rice, and he couldn't wait to eat pizza and drink milk.

Gilkerson said she was excited to win her fourth Ms. Ball State title. She was excited because both her parents came from Minnesota to watch her, she said.

Her mother has seen Gilkerson compete all four years, but her father came for the first time because he retired from teaching in the past year, she said.

Although she enjoyed winning the competition, Gilkerson always second-guessed if she would compete in the upcoming bodybuilding competition until her senior year. She said competing this year was a given.

Gilkerson said she was grateful for her gymnastics teammates because no matter what happened, they would support her.

She said she gained most of her build from gymnastics, but she has two weeks after it ends until Ms. Ball State to get into shape by eating chicken and dehydrating herself.

"It's hard, but it gets you pretty cut," she said.

During gymnastics and the bodybuilding competition, she said she focused on a biblical verse that said people are not timid creatures but are bold and strong.

"God doesn't want you to be anxious, he just wants to hear you pray about it," she said. "God won't give you anything you can't handle."

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