Monday, January 21, 2008

What contenders need to know to survive Venom’s Strike!,,cl8vg38k,00.html

What contenders need to know to survive Venom’s Strike!

VenomHang Tough – Be quick and coordinated because I am going to attack hard.

Wall – Focus on each rock, because I am charging up the wall right behind you.

Hit and Run – Be sure to look both ways because I want you in the water.

Joust - Be aggressive, but you are still going to see the tank.

Power Ball- Be quick and fast, it is about speed. I’ll hit you like a Mack Truck


Gauntlet- Be quick and fast because I am staying in your way.

Earthquake – Stay low and use your leverage for what it is worth, because you are going down.

Assaults- Be quick and have good aim, mine is getting better everyday.

Eliminator- You’ll need a conditioned body and good lungs stamina. The Eliminator sucks the juice out of you in seconds.

Get more information on Venom on her website.

Visit the American Gladiators website.

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