Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mr. and Ms. Penn 2007 | Carlin flexes and hams her way to second title

Mr. and Ms. Penn 2007 Carlin flexes and hams her way to second title

By: Mike Kaiser

Posted: 11/7/07

She did it again.

Senior Jesse Carlin won her second consecutive Ms. Penn title and senior Jason Myers took home the title in last night's Mr. & Ms. Penn Bodybuilding Competition.

Carlin's victory marks the first back-to-back Ms. Penn titles since Renata Clay, a judge in this year's competition, won in 1996 and 1997.

Zellerbach Theatre's lower level was filled to capacity as fans donning signs, banners and body paint poured in to support their friends, peers and family. Fans were chanting for their favorite competitors even before MC, organizer and women's track assistant coach Tony Tenisci officially began the competition.

This year's competition had 30 participants, making it the largest in the 16-year history of the event.

Highlights came in the competitors' individual routines. Men's short class second-place Jeremy Hall got the crowd going when he "cranked that 'Soulja Boy'" while flexing in his routine. Women's short class runner-up and best female poser Lea Artis showed off her background in cheer during her routine, pulling off a back flip, a one-armed cartwheel, splits and a one-armed push-up in one of the night's memorable performances.

The contest, an annual fund-raiser for the women's track team, was judged by a variety of Penn affiliates and Philadelphia fitness experts. Among the seven judges were football coach Al Bagnoli, volleyball coach Kerry Carr and three past Ms. & Mr. Penn competitors: Clay, Matt Newcomb and Leexan Hong.

"In 16 years, I don't think we've had a better show," Tenisci said. The competition has become "a real tradition."

Tenisci has run the competition since its inception in an effort to promote fitness and health.

"Ivy kids aren't all brains," he said. "The competitors are very well-rounded students."

Aside from lifting weights, competitors must watch their calorie intake, make sure they sleep enough and do lots of cardiovascular exercise.

"It's a lifestyle," men's short class third-place Anthony Lee said. "It consumes 24 hours of your day."

"Bodybuilding requires dedication," top male poser Anthony Balduzzi said. "Everything has to be regimented."

"If I can do this, everything else will be a piece of cake," women's short class competitor Marissa Martinez said. "No pun intended; I can't eat cake."

The competition is when "all the hard work pays off," Lee said. "The most rewarding thing [was] to have my friends and family there, acknowledging my hard work." http://media.www.dailypennsylvanian.com/media/storage/paper882/news/2007/11/07/Sports/Mr.And.Ms.Penn.2007.Carlin.Flexes.And.Hams.Her.Way.To.Second.Title-3084163.shtml

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