Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dallas beauty Linda McClain flexes her might at this weekend’s Super Show

By Daniel A. Kusner of the Dallas Voice

Earlier this week, Linda McClain was meticulously gluing rhinestones on a swimsuit.

When people see me in this, there will be so much bling, they’ll need sunglasses,” she laughs.

The dazzle of imitation diamonds will only highlight McClain’s smoking-hot bod. For the past eight weeks, she’s been “dieting down” for her third physique contest: no carbs, high-protein diet, two hours of cardio every day, 40 minutes in the sauna every day, lifting weights three times a week, running wind sprints … All to prepare for the masters figure competition at the NPC Texas Europa Super Show, held at the Dallas Convention Center.

Figure competition is all about lean, toned symmetry and beautiful poise — not freakazoid muscle mass. Being 5-foot, 8 inches and 37 years old, McClain guesses that she’ll compete against at least 100 other contestants in the “first masters” division.

A popular dancer who regularly entertains at Buddies II, McClain had always maintained her shapely legs by kicking up her heels.

“But I couldn’t do a pull-up because I had little bird arms,” she says.

So two years ago, she started working with a trainer. And McClain immediately saw results in her biceps and shoulders. After a year, her trainer suggested that McClain strut her stuff in amateur figure competitions.

In April 2006, McClain entered her first contest, the Ronnie Coleman Classic, which was held in Arlington. She placed fifth in the “figure tall” division for women over 35. Four months later, she competed at last year’s Europa Super Show and placed third in the masters division and fourth in her height division.

This weekend, McClain will compete in the Hot Body contest and the figure masters division.

She first started because she wanted to see if she could sculpt a six-pack.

“Now I’m in the best shape of my entire life,” McClain says. “I’m really happy with my training discipline. Of course, that leaves me with no social life. But I feel like I’m going to win this year. Man, if I had this body last year…”

McClain says that no matter how well she does, after the competition, she’s downing waffles at I-Hop.

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