Sunday, August 5, 2007

Abbotsford athletes build best bodies

Abbotsford News

Abbotsford bodybuilders cleaned up at the recent B.C. Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in North Vancouver, sweeping the awards in the women’s figure competition.

Michelle Krack, Maria Sharp and Teresa Funk took first place in the figure tall, medium and short divisions, respectively. Krack followed up with a victory in the overall event, which pits the division winners against one another.

“That’s got to say something good about Abbotsford,” Krack said with a chuckle. “It’s awesome. Going into this meet, I knew the competition would be a completely different level. I only had eight months between shows to put on a little more size and firm things up, and I was a little bit worried because I wasn’t sure what they were looking for at the provincial level.”

Krack’s success at provincials belies the fact that she’s a relative newcomer to bodybuilding. The Abbotsford-born mother of two boasts an impressive athletic background, having played rugby for Dalhousie University and with the B.C. provincial team, but she didn’t give bodybuilding much thought until a friend encouraged her to compete at the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic in 2006. Krack won the tall and overall titles at the amateur meet, which qualified her for provincials. Funk won the short division at the same event.

Krack’s victory at the B.C.’s gives her a lifetime bye into the Canadian nationals, which will be held in Edmonton in June of next year. The overall winner at nationals will earn their International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) card, which allows them to compete south of the border in qualifying for the prestigious Olympia competition.

“I want to be on the Olympia stage in the next four or five years,” Krack said.

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