Friday, June 22, 2007

Powerlifter to carry the torch

Staff photo by Jeff PoulandGinny Brockway giggles when she says, "My little leggies are strong."

Whatever it is, her power must come from somewhere.

Brockway, a 31-year-old powerlifter from Waterville, has been named the strongest woman, pound-for-pound, at the Maine Games in each of the past two years. On Friday evening, she'll be carrying the torch at the opening ceremonies for this year's Maine Games in Waterville.

"She's a phenomenal athlete," said Jeff Scully, executive director of the Games. "I thought it was very important to have a Waterville athlete, in our first year in Waterville, to have that honor."

Brockway normally squats and dead-lifts 250 to 270 pounds, and has gotten as high as 295 on squats in the gym. Those are impressive numbers for anyone, but Brockway, at 5 feet 4 and 126 pounds, looks more like a high school student than a beefy weightlifting freak.

"You don't have to be big to be a powerlifter," Brockway said. "(People) look at me and they're like, 'You lift that much?' because I'm tiny, but a lot of it's just technique, and I just think I have strong legs."

Brockway grew up in Bucksport and was a three-sport athlete in high school. She didn't get into powerlifting until a couple of years ago, when she joined the fire department and "didn't want to be the little weakling." She set a goal of squatting 200 pounds, and hit that within about two months.

"I'm a paramedic for Delta Ambulance, so I lift every day," Brockway said. "I lift people off the floor. I lift in the ambulance. You get strong that way."

In the Maine Games, powerlifting is held each March at Brewer Auditorium, in part because May and June are popular times for national powerlifting competitions. In both years she has competed, Brockway was named Female Lifter of the Meet at the Games.

"My first meet, I was a nervous wreck," Brockway said. "I had the butterflies. I thought I was going to throw up before I went out and did my first lift. After my first lift, I was like, 'Wow! This is great!' I was hooked."

While Brockway won't be competing this weekend, she will come out with the torch in front of the athletes and fans at Seaverns Field, beginning three full days of competition in the fifth edition of the Maine Games.

"That's an honor," Brockway said. "I was flattered to even be asked."

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