Friday, June 29, 2007

Esther Marson third at national bodybuilding finals


Waverley mother and bodybuilder Esther Marson reached the medal podium recently, capturing third place in her division.

After competing at the 2007 FAME national championships in Toronto, Marson reflects that the competition was tough.

“It was the most difficult competition I have entered so far because I am now competing as an advanced level athlete,” said Marson, speaking recently with

Leading up to the June 9 event, Marson was forced to combat a combination of health issues and injuries.

“However, I managed to modify my training regimen to allow for rehabilitation and recovery in order to stay focused on my goal to compete in at least one competition for 2007,” said Marson.

The injuries and personal issues weighed so heavily on her that she seriously considered pulling out of the event. But having already paid her entry fee, she knew she was committed to the event.

Prior to the national finals, Marson suffered a burn on her forearm and an allergic reaction. She also admitted her self-confidence took a beating.

A death in the family also threw off her focus, but she dug deep inside and decided to continue with her training.

“On competition day, I felt very out of place backstage because my fellow competitors’ superior financial resources were made very evident to me. They weren’t shy boasting about the hundreds of dollars they spent on their outfits, hair, and makeup, or about how expensive their personal trainers are.”

However, by the time she hit the stage, Marson was ready to perform.

“When the MC announced my name and hometown of Waverley over the PA system, my heart swelled with pride and I was ready to fight for my position amongst the thoroughbreds of bodybuilders,” she said.

Marson elected to resurrect her roller-skating program, a routine she experienced success with in 2006.

“I chose to perform on roller skates again during my routine round since this is the only entertaining talent I can display. I like to give the audience something different to look at since most other competitors just do poses to music with very little else in between,” she said.

During the awards ceremony, Marson was presented with a sterling silver third-place necklace.

These necklaces represent the 10th anniversary of the World Natural Sports Organization and were presented to only the top three athletes of each division.

“I consider myself very fortunate to have earned such a trophy in light of the obstacles I faced to achieve this. I’m not certain what my future competitive plans will be,” said Marson.

Recently, Marson received her personal trainer specialist certification through Georgian College and hopes to be working by the fall.

Until then, Marson plans on keeping herself busy over the summer with home improvement projects, while also enjoying time with husband Greg and their children.

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