Friday, June 29, 2007

Community Notebook: Moore wins bodybuilding junior nationals in Chicago


Wanda Moore of the Jackson Sport and Fitness Club won the middleweight class in the junior nationals bodybuilding championship in Chicago on June 16.

"It was a dream. I can't believe I'm 45 and got to stand on stage and win my class," Moore said. "The whole reason was to show my clients that it doesn't matter about your age or how many children you have. If you set a goal, you can do it."

Moore is a personal trainer at the Fitness Club. She started competing in bodybuilding in the early 1990s. Moore said she and husband Lance , who is the club's co-owner and general manager, moved to Jackson from Southaven, Miss., about four years ago.

Moore competed against 300 to win the title.

"I spend two hours a day training with weights and cardio," Moore said.

She will compete in the nationals in 2008 in Atlanta. If she wins, she receives her pro card.

"At the professional level you can start winning money," Moore said. "Plus, sponsorships can be lucrative."

And members of the club have taken notice.

"I train six other athletes besides (Wanda)," Lance said. "It takes a lot of dedication, and they have to be strict with their diet."

Lance said the competition is popular in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama, three states where Wanda has competed and won.

The builders are judged on their physique during three rounds of posing.

"I'm going to the nationals in November (2008), and I want to put on a little more size," Wanda said.

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