Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Carter a cut above the rest

The Senior Bodyfitness line-up, from left Clair Cummins, winner Nicole Carter and Allison Brewster. (Pictures by Antonio Miller.)

Nicole Carter proved on Sunday night that if you want something bad enough, patience and determination are the key factors to success.

And success the athlete finally got when she captured the Bridgetown Senior Bodyfitness title at Combermere School before a packed auditorium.

The Stadium Gym competitor was in good condition, with wide shoulders, toned arms, a small waist and sweeping quadriceps. Carter must be careful, however, not
to put on anymore size because she's a fitness athlete, not a bodybuilder, and the muscle size she was carrying pushed her closer to being a bodybuilder.

In bodyfitness judges look for lean muscle, shape, and poise. Any competitor looking too bulky should lose points.

Allison Brewster of Oceans 2 Fitness Centre made her presence felt on stage. She was confident, carried lean muscle on a symmetrical body to take second. The first-timer is one to watch in upcoming bodyfitness contest.

Claire Cummins was very stylish, playing to the audience for their support. She was always flashing a smile, trying to get the judges' attention. She placed third, but can improve if next time she appears leaner, with less body fat.

Crystalle Bennette was first among five competitors vying for the Bridgetown Junior Bodyfitness. It was close between her and Cherisse Holder, who placed second. Bennette was poised, with good structure, and Holder was not too far behind. Both these athletes, of the five, looked as if they got into the gym and worked.

Bodyfitness consists of two segments: the whole piece swimsuit round and the two piece swimsuit round.

The Bridgetown Junior Fitness also consists of two segments: the fitness routine and the swimsuit, and it was on the strength of her routine that Candy Nurse won fitness. She was very energetic and at ease in a well put together routine, which drew plenty of cheers from fans. Tanesha Gittens, who came second, and LaToya Russell (third), looked in better shape, but their routines were not strong enough.

Nurse needs overall work on her physique if she wants to score higher in the swimsuit round.


Senior Bodyfitness

1st Nicole Carter

2nd Allison Brewster

3rd Clair Cummins

Junior Bodyfitness

1st Crystalle Bennette

2nd Cherisse Holder

3rd Jade Goddard

4th Rashida Belgrave

5th Alicia Haynes

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