Friday, May 11, 2007

Bid to out muscle America

OUTSTANDING bodybuilder Wendy McCready is looking for some Wear Valley support to send her to America.
Wendy, 30, has been training for the past 11 years and has risen through the ranks to become one of Britain¹s best.
And now she wants to take that success stateside and compete in this year¹s American Bodybuilding Championships.
Wendy said: ³It¹s an expensive sport and I¹m hoping people will show support and sponsor me.² Wendy already has a fan club, through Grant¹s gym at St Helen Auckland, who are backing her ultimate dream to win Miss Olympia.
Wendy said: ³I train here and help out and all the lads give me loads of support.
³Jez Grant, the owner, has been a big help.² The turning point for Wendy was winning the 2004 British Championship, after which she turned professional.
Wendy, who also holds a degree in sports science, said: ³I started out when I was 19 to help with the karate I was doing at the tim.
³But then, I just got really into it and it took over.
³I had to choose one or the other and I chose Bodybuilding.
The regime is tough and requires complete dedication.
³It¹s a lot of hard work and you don¹t improve overnight.
³I have to eat every two hours, train really hard, weigh all my food, sleep to conserve energy ­ it can get boring but I love the training and I love to challenge myself, so it¹s worth it.² ³It¹s all about consistency.² In 2005, Wendy travelled to Texas to compete and found the experience completely different.
She said: ³It was the first time I ever felt nervous but it was great.
³We were treated like celebrities and even asked for autographs.² But she feels the sport is tougher in America: ³It¹s different competing in America because you¹re up against big stars who have huge followings but it makes me even more determined to catch the judges¹ eye ­ to be so good that they can¹t overlook me.² If you would like to sponsor Wendy telephone her on,1184.html

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