Friday, April 27, 2007

Miss Opportunity

I watched Dr. Keith Ablow's show on Female Bodybuilders. I had a few takeaways. First, Nicole Bass is not a representative of female bodybuilding. She is a Stern Wack Pack member and for that alone destroys her credibilty.

Second, this show would have been a great way for an seriously competitive or up-and-commer bodybuilder to speak; a Kristy Hawkins, Amy Schmid, or a top four or five placer from the Ms.O or Ms. International Show. Someone who would not represent the more sleazy side that Jane and Gayle does now. The only negative aspect of the show was really the women that were picked. They were not a fair represenative of the sport. Ablow didn't seem to want to blaset the women.

Third, the grandmother Rita was great. She looked amazing. Even the doctor seemed impressed with her.

Bodybuilding needs too PR to thrive.

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